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Let’s Talk About Your Answers

I’m going to try to get into a little more depth about the quiz questions and answers here, but if you still have questions, please ask me and I’ll be happy to answer specifics.

1. The best hashtag for Realtors to use is #realestate because then everyone will be able to find you easily

A. Yes, I obviously want to be in the same group as my peers

B. No

At the time of this writing, the hashtag #realestate has over 9 MILLION uses already, which makes it pretty unlikely anyone will discover your post by searching that tag. I’m more of a visual learner so this is a little difficult for me to articulate, but if you look at your Instagram account and see 15 squares. How long would you have to scroll to see 9 million photos? With that much activity the top posts using #realestate changes every second or so. Even if you were at the top of the list, you’d be there only for a very, very brief time. Does that make sense? If not, please ask me to try explaining it again in a different way.


2. The best way to get a lot of people to view the post or tweet of your listing is to use a popular hashtag like #DonaldTrump whether or not you like him

A. Yes, because who doesn’t like Donald Trump?

B. No, because no one likes Donald Trump.

Yes, you’re right, that was a cheap shot at the President. The point is to never use a hashtag that has nothing to do with your post just because it’s a very popular hashtag. You may end up with a few more people looking at that post, but they’re going to be angry people because it’s like you’re tricking them. They expected to see something related to the hashtag you used. In some cases, this backfires to the point where people leave lots of nasty, angry messages on your feed and that’s really not good for business. A reputation is hard to repair online just like in real life.

3. Using a hashtag like #NiceHouseForSale that’s been used fewer than 1,000 times is a good idea because it makes you more unique

A. Yes, then I’ll really stand out

B. Uhm, no… cuz no one’s looking for it

When you use a hashtag that only been used a few times it’s really unlikely that you’ll be found. If you consider that there are over 300 million users using all kinds of hashtags, but you and only two other people thought of the same hashtag, well, you should reconsider your hashtag strategy. If you know someone that does this a lot, make a mental note never to invite them to be part of your group on Family Feud.

4. Using a hashtag like #I’mARealtor is better than #ImARealtor because it’s easier to read

A. Yes, it’s important that a hashtag is easy to read plus I want ppl to know I’m good at grammar

B. No, because you can’t use special characters in a hashtag or it doesn’t work

One of the most important rules of hashtag creation is that you can only use letters and numbers. So in the example above, the apostrophe would have created the hashtag #I because it would have stopped at the apostrophe.

5. What’s the best number of hashtags to use on a single post on Instagram?

A. 11
B. 30
C. 7
D. 3

You may not always be able to think up 30 hashtags for each of your Instagram posts, but always shoot for that number. There’s lots of debate on this and frankly, when I first started using Instagram I thought all those hashtags were spammy looking. It took me a while to realize how much I was limiting myself. You shouldn’t rely on 3 really good hashtags to get you a lot of traffic. One way to think about this is to consider all the people online that are a bit clumsy on social media. Go narrow and go wide with your hashtag so you can help them find you.

6. Once you claim a hashtag for your business, like #CondoGuy, you can sue someone else who uses it for their business without your permission

A. DUH. Why else would I bother to use a hashtag for my brand?

B. No. Hashtags are like the flower children of the 60s. They can be anywhere for any reason, Moonbeam.

Another good reason to know how to research your hashtag before you start using it everywhere. Other people may be using it in a much different way than you intend to use it. And guess what? When someone searches that hashtag they get the posts that you shared using it and that weirdo in a couple of states over that’s using it for reasons we don’t want to understand.

7. The cheapest place to buy a hashtag to use for your own brand is at:

A. hashtagify.me
B. goDaddy.com
C. Realtor.com
D.none of the above

Super relief! Hashtags are free! Make them up and use them! Anybody out there old enough to remember when domain names were a $100 a pop? You can’t have a website without a domain name, and you couldn’t have an online business without a website. You can do so much more online today with just using your creative mind!

8. Hashtags don’t have to be super specific. Example: You can use #view or #views and it’s the same thing.

A. Yes, that’s close enough

B. No. Sometimes a single letter off can make a difference

The number of times #view has been used is over 44,000,000 times. #views on the other hand, has been used 7,000,000 times. Let’s try another one – #home has been used nearly 82,000,000 times. But #homes has been used just under 1,200,000 times. It really pays to research!

I hope you’ve found this quiz and blog post helpful and found a few things you can use today to increase your leads and following. If you’re looking for more, please take a look at masteringhashtags.com where you I teach you to:

  • Really understand the do’s and don’t of hashtag use for business, covering hashtag use in both a creative way and also traditional ways
  • create your core hashtags
  • create your Power Hashtags
  • create and use campaign hashtags to increase referrals and leads
  • create a hashtag for your brand
  • + worksheets +cheatsheets +infographics +spreadsheets + literally a dozen pages of ready to use real estate hashtags
  • + 30 evergreen tweets – tweets you can use anytime you can’t think of anything to tweet about
  • sample real estate bios

Be sure to invite your friends to take the quiz, too! And visit me on Twitter at @AskForLiz!

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